Global Challenges and Local Ecosystems

First Principles (1/3)

We believe that applied science and technology plays a massive role in solving the multiple crises we are facing. While existing industry might have the means to bring the resulting innovations to market, their actions are often limited by the innovators dilemma.

Startups don't have that problem, but since they are lacking the means to roll out quickly at scale, they are forced to build islands of the future, betting that others are also working in the same direction at same time in the same region. This is the timing problem of startups and one of the many reasons startups fail.

We believe that it is possible to bring a group of complementary startups together around a concrete and local challenge to mitigate this problem. We further believe that it is possible to scale the resulting ecosystem as a whole once it has reached maturity.

These principles are at the foundation of MOTHERLAND, but they are not the only. In the coming two posts we will first add a view on the macro-perspective and then tie those concepts together into the core of what we do with MOTHERLAND.