Introducing our Board

The progress we made in the last couple of months rests entirely on the amazing team of people all across the African continent who put their time and effort into MOTHERLAND.

Today we would like to introduce our board:

Anesu Kuture is a 26 years old Zimbabwean with a degree in International Marketing and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and professional experience in the banking industry, customer service and marketing. She provides unique insides into MOTHERLAND from her blend of perspectives from her professional background mixed with her knowledge about the land and expressing herself in music. You can hear her and her music in the upcoming short-video on MOTHERLAND. Her hopes are to provide everyone in my country as a start with a stable state of life either with a political hand or just a helping hand.

Elizabeth Maloba is an International Cooperation Advisor from Nairobi with over twenty years’ experience creating spaces where collaboration can take place. She works in cross-sectoral, trans-professional, multistakeholder settings to support critical stakeholders to work together to discern mutual values, develop strategies to address shared challenges, promote common goals and motivate desired outcomes, thus empowering them to achieve shifts in processes, practices and systems. It is not hard to imagine how Elizabeth brings enormous value to MOTHERLAND, being an implementation at the heart of her expertise.

Kiptoo Magutt is the co-founder and CEO of Twende, a technology platform that enables transportation operators and businesses to streamline their services. A fellow at the Westerwelle Foundation and The Baobab Network, he is passionate about technology for good: better planet, people and profit.
Born and raised in Kenya, he studied Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, USA and returned home four years ago to help build sustainable solutions in and for Africa with one of his passions in supporting MOTHERLAND right from its inception.

Tawanda Mutukwa is a serial entrepreneur who is also a development practitioner at heart. Currently based in Southern Africa. He is the co-founder of an Ag-tech consultancy firm in Zimbabwe. Tawanda is also an alumni of Westerwelle young founders programme, Act in Africa, Tony Elemelu Entrepreneur, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung to mention a few. Tawanda strives to create impact targeted at the bottom of the pyramid and in his spare time is known as a lover of good food! Tawanda has been vital in the formulation of the early TOC of MOTHERLAND and is a sharp thinker and doer.

Musa Konneh is a dedicated human, womens and girls right advocate, Passionate Youth Ambassador and childrens right Protector, Musa is an Ambassador of the Council of African Youths, Founder and National Director Movement For Education And Advocacy Network Salone and a Co-founder Movement For Education Women and Children Advocacy Network Liberia. With a wealth of practical experiences in human resource management, human Rights Advocacy, safe guarding, Social Mobilization, and project management, Musa is the Team Lead at Movement for Education and Advocacy Network Salone. His wealth and breadth of knowledge is a continuous well of support for MOTHERLAND!

Luther Lawoyin is the CEO & Founder of, a digital food cooperative for African cities operating in Lagos and Abuja. He is a fellow of the Alibaba e-founders, MIT Bootcamps, Westerwelle foundation and others. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for social impact, he believes in leveraging technology to build innovative business models and platforms to serve the next one billion people in Africa's fast-growing digital economy. He founded businesses including, with an exit before Luther is the lived expression of MOTHERLAND and its intentions with a fast and precise mind to help direct our thinking.