Our Progress


During the past months we have been busy building towards four MVPs across the continent:
- South Africa with the local team lead by Hermann and focused on Tshivhase Agridam with Nomvuyo Matlala
- Ghana with our partner Makeda Foundation and Abigail Abdulai and her community of 25.000 female famers
- Nigeria with Shehu Malumfashi and the entire district of Malumfashi
- Ethiopia with Kume Chibsa and a community of 400.000 small holder farmers

Each of these can be built at short notice and at known cost. The intended outcome will be to have a first instance of a software and cultural implementation of local holistic wealth creation. In concrete terms this will entail (1) a legal structure that can be implemented easily by any community in the form of a cooperative, (2) a digital framework (likely on a distributed ledger) that can be used for trusted transactions, impact measurement and governance within the cooperative and (3) the cultural and social tooling to integrate this approach in any community on the continent.

This approach will not only be scalable, but also highly adaptive to local needs and preferences and finally also highly investable by impact investors and philanthropists alike.

If you want to dive in deeper of what that all means, have a look at our video, deck and elevator pitch: https://docsend.com/view/anhbb7r2a7sg77gu