to the MOTHERLAND ecosystem

If you are reading this, you are aware of the challenges humanity is facing on the planet at this very moment. You are also actively working on improving the situation in your fields of influence.

This is why we are now writing this - to share our approach with likeminded people - in the hope to find allies, constructive feedback and support. In this post - and the posts to come - we will lay out the first principles we work from as well as the horizon we are building towards.

But first things first. We - Sebastian Fittko and Thomas Schindler - feel a strong responsibility towards our own children to invest our time, experience and skills into building a good future. But we see our children as a proxy for future generations, as a reminder that we all owe it to future humans to do everything in our power to create a circumstances in which everyone on the planet can live a fulfilled life.

We did not arrive here in a straight line. We zig-zagged within the field of entrepreneurial application of technology towards positive impact for roughly twenty years, each. We built for-profit organisation non-profits, accelerator programs, networks, mentored founders and their teams in various capacities and worked with large organisations - all in search for an approach that maximises positive impact in a scalable and economically sustainable way.

Now we are putting all these learnings into MOTHERLAND to solve global challenges by building and scaling ecosystems of solutions. MOTHERLAND is an "Ecosystems Orchestrator" and the fact that you are reading this, makes you part of at least one level of our ecosystem. Consider this an invitation to engage on many more levels. But before you do, we owe you a way to see how, where and why you should engage.

We will offer this information in the posts to come, focusing on one key concept at a time to create a common ground for a MOTHERLAND Townhall-Event we will soon invite you to.