Making It Rain

An Invitation: Meet us at our town-hall meetings

Thank you for following our journey to this point! We have talked about the grand global challenges and the systemic forces keeping even the most well-intended in a trap. We have talked about the mechanics of picking the locks of said trap and we have talked about how to get to work on this and how to know that we are on the right track.

But one important piece is still missing. If we are successful with the next phase, the accelerator, that will be fantastic, but it will also be just a drop. One drop in a vast ocean. Meaningless.

Meaningless unless we manage to make it rain. Once we have learned how to solve the most pressing issues of a local community with existing solutions, we have constituted a drop. Now we are able to repeat this process in other communities, becoming better and faster and stronger with each community. We can - drop by drop - make it rain across bioregions and then across nations, and beyond.

With the support of our partner network, we have access to the finest talent across the continent. Young people who are longing to make a difference towards a good tomorrow. We will equip these young people with the knowledge and the tools to implement the results of the MOTHERLAND process in the local communities of their bioregion. And it will rain.

Nice words, you think to yourself, but will it hold? Well, find out for yourself in our upcoming series of town hall meetings where we open up to be challenged by you because that is how we grow, how we learn and how we build strong partnerships.

Please register here for the first townhall where we will present MOTHERLAND and be challenged by Julian Frede and - you!

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels